Thursday, 18 June 2009

to begin...

it's about time i sat down and actually started an ongoing blog and not just wait until i have work to put on. so today seem as good as any to start.
after recieveing my grades from my first year of uni im hoping a blog will help me improve my rather dismall D i got for journalism. Luckily the course has been changed now, and journalism is now fashion journalism. I continue to convince myself it was not a waste of a year writing about car accidents and Bob Geldof but merely a learning of the basics, i think of it as a stepping stone.
my next project is to write a short written and visual journalistic fashion piece about the Graduate Fashion Show at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield.
i am therefore researching a list of fashion journalists.
At the moment Laura Craik for The London Evening Standard and Grazia and Cathy Horyn for The New York Times are my favourites, they are such flowing reads and really set the scene. Although liz jones is a refreshing she seems to have humour and throws in personal opinions.
i will be back when i have chosen a favourite, as i have to base it on writing style and their reputation.