Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sales galore

Why do i even bother? I hate shopping on busy Saturdays. I hate the pushing and shoving.
So why did i even bother heading into Manchester on the most chaotic shopping day of the year!? I was asking myself this question all morning, as i got elbowed left right and centre around a topshop rail. I didn’t want it last season so why would i want it now? Walk away Emily, walk away.
I am in complete awe of a shopper with a great sale find. A piece that isn't from two years ago, is half price and an investment. This is an event that rarely happens, but have faith, it does! And for once, it happened to me.
French Connection, the only sale on the high street where i didn’t have to tackle through rails of 3 summers ago vest tops, whilst dodging two women squabbling over last season’s mini. I had the space to browse and undeniably enjoy a sale.
The half price New Years Eve dress from £120 is sale perfect.
I can’t wait to brag that i hit the January sales and succeeded in what every shopper dreams of doing, bagging that January sale item your proud of.
The only advice i give to anyone willing to trawl the January sales, is hit the designers! Yes you have to queue early but you’re getting quality, at high street prices.