Monday, 28 June 2010

It's all about me me me...

I've been inspired by this Sunday's fabulous magazine that come with the News of the World newspaper.
The interview with Alicia keys shows various head shots of her pulling cheeky faces. These shots with her hands in remind me of jewellery or beauty adverts, bringing attention to the make up, nail varnish or rings and bracelets shown.
With too much time on my hands at the moment my creativity is back and in full blooming, so i decided to create my own shots.

Is that an off peak ticket?

Tonight, at 9pm being the only one in my local swimming pool i realised i live a completely off peak life.
I never travel at the same rush hour times or eat at regular times of the day, i generally watch programmes on +1 or on demand and i often sleep in if i feel like it .
Every single day is different, so i have my own one way off peak ticket and i wouldn't change it for the world.

I went on holiday overnight

I'm not an over obsessed tan-a-holic. i just love that healthy glow, that makes u look a few lbs lighter and like you eat your 5 fruits portions a day.

This year i have been loyal to St Tropez everyday gradual tan mousse. This tan is heavenly, although it has a price tag from hell. At £20 a bottle ( which last me about 2-3 weeks) and on a student budget - which has now run out for the summer - i have had to step down and come face to face with moisturisers that build a gradual tan.
With the St tropez mousse giving an instant over night tan that last for about 2 days i was very hesitant at whether the tanning moisturisers could live up to its rival.
Well, have i got news for you....
 1st prize goes to  Garnier, Summerbody moisturiser.
Shocker! tell me about it!

Garnier's moisturising lotion really does do what it says on the tin (bottle) and gives a sun-kissed look. My skin feels and looks refreshed and most importantly it doesn't smell like stale biscuits.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

It was hot and sunny, so I spent my day in the car

The hottest day of the year and me and my mum decide to finish moving the last remains of my 'stuff' from my student house, which, by the way, must be about the 4th journey we have made. Throughout the year i seem to have acquired what can only be described as crap and piled it into my huuuuugggee room at University, only to find none of it fits into my old bedroom at my mums. The usual journey from Preston (my home) to Huddersfield (my university) is easy peasy and can be done in under and hour and a half.....except for today.
A police incident brought the entire motorway to a stand still and caused chaos, people were even out of their cars playing football along the motorway (maybe the England team should take some hints).
Unbelievably we got turned around and drove the opposite way!!
So after 4 hours in the car, packing and unpacking i am completely and utterly shattered....only to have to do it all again in 2 months.....BRING IT ON. 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

River Island you really do shock me

When i least expect it ( and have an empty bank account) River Island bring me the most beautiful dress. Where was this dress when i needed a new super hot outfit for my results night at University? One that really would send my ex's eyes boggling! Well here it is. It is always the way when you want/need something you can never get it.

"Desire strikes when you least expect it."
Yes, well desire strikes at me a lot when I'm shopping and have no money or purpose for the item in hand. Although I am positive  i could find somewhere to wear this dress....if i must.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I've turned all domesticated

Carrying on the homemade efforts, i have spent my afternoon baking.
These are my homemade peanut butter cupcakes....and they don't taste half bad either!
Everyone tuck in....

Monday, 21 June 2010

Yes I own these beautiful shoes

...and they are from Next.
Next have a to die for shoe section at the moment. These were only £45! So what i don't really have any money.

When i first heard of the clog trend i was very undecided. After spotting these beauties, i am fully persuaded and hope the trend is here to stay.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Me and Marc go everywhere together

I CANNOT BELIEVE my mum has given me her Marc Jacobs bag.....has she completely lost the plot! Not that I'm complaining in the slightest.
Who needs a real man anyway when you've got Marc in your life?

The key to my heart

I finally got around to making my own jewellery. Nothing beats something home made (homemade apple crumble is my favourite).
i found this key on a French flea market in Paris. I bought it all rusty for the bargain price of 1 Euro....David Dickinson eat your heart out.
The plan was to un-rust it and make it into a necklace, and for once my plan actually went, well, according to plan. I left the key in a cup of Coca-cola overnight and the thing un-rusted....a miracle!
I bought some grey string from my local (Preston, Lancashire) market and bing bang first piece of home made jewellery, which i am oh so proud of and in love with.

 I'd be lieing if i said every time some one asks me where its from I'm not glowing with pride and boast..." Oh this, i made it myself from an old key".

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A summer treat...

Why have i only discovered Marks and Spencer's shoes.
This shop is full of hidden on trend pieces, that may be a little pricey but are more than worth buying in to.
I need a new pair of summer heels, something i can carry through to Autumn and wear day and night. Catwalk style and at half the price of Topshop I'm definitely hitting Marks and Spencer's. Shhh... our little secret.
Click the links below for my favourites. It's decision time.

Leather Peep Toe Panelled Shoe Boots

Peep Toe Lace Up Platform Shoes

Criss-Cross Strap Platform Shoes

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

SPF...did you know?

Is it just me that had completely no idea how SPF (sun protection factor) works?
I thought the SPF number indicated the strength of the suncream. WRONG.
It is an indicator of how much protection you receive in relation to time spent in the sun.
For anyone as confused as i was this means wearing an SPF value of 20 means you can stay in the sun 20 times as long as you would normally be able to.

Not so useful after i have just returned from a sweltering week in Egypt, but interesting eh?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

One (little) step at a time

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle climbing stairs and getting in and out of cars in harem pants.
The low crotch restricts my over enthusiastic large step, and i realise as i go to take two steps up the stairs I'm not going to make it. Leg dangling mid air i have to bring it back and resort to one step at a time. Which i admit is more lady like, but less efficient.

Above harem trousers Paul Smith £203

On the return...

I've been away for way to long.

To update you: I recently had an interview with Stella McCartney for an marketing internship. i didn't get this placement but got referred onto someone in the PR department. Just my luck that they wanted an interview when i was on holiday in Egypt....typical :( I'm hoping everyone will keep everything crossed for me though as their still interested but a little later. So fingers, legs, toes and arms crossed please. Greatly appreciated.
on a separate note to fashion. It turns out trust is a tough nut to crack in a relationship and I'm just not strong enough to crack it open yet. So I'm single - again. Which ultimately makes things a whole lot more fun. Next frog to kiss please...