Sunday, 27 June 2010

It was hot and sunny, so I spent my day in the car

The hottest day of the year and me and my mum decide to finish moving the last remains of my 'stuff' from my student house, which, by the way, must be about the 4th journey we have made. Throughout the year i seem to have acquired what can only be described as crap and piled it into my huuuuugggee room at University, only to find none of it fits into my old bedroom at my mums. The usual journey from Preston (my home) to Huddersfield (my university) is easy peasy and can be done in under and hour and a half.....except for today.
A police incident brought the entire motorway to a stand still and caused chaos, people were even out of their cars playing football along the motorway (maybe the England team should take some hints).
Unbelievably we got turned around and drove the opposite way!!
So after 4 hours in the car, packing and unpacking i am completely and utterly shattered....only to have to do it all again in 2 months.....BRING IT ON. 

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