Monday, 28 June 2010

I went on holiday overnight

I'm not an over obsessed tan-a-holic. i just love that healthy glow, that makes u look a few lbs lighter and like you eat your 5 fruits portions a day.

This year i have been loyal to St Tropez everyday gradual tan mousse. This tan is heavenly, although it has a price tag from hell. At £20 a bottle ( which last me about 2-3 weeks) and on a student budget - which has now run out for the summer - i have had to step down and come face to face with moisturisers that build a gradual tan.
With the St tropez mousse giving an instant over night tan that last for about 2 days i was very hesitant at whether the tanning moisturisers could live up to its rival.
Well, have i got news for you....
 1st prize goes to  Garnier, Summerbody moisturiser.
Shocker! tell me about it!

Garnier's moisturising lotion really does do what it says on the tin (bottle) and gives a sun-kissed look. My skin feels and looks refreshed and most importantly it doesn't smell like stale biscuits.

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