Sunday, 28 February 2010


A truly classic British indie rocker band who formed in 1995, fronted by Stephen Jones that i have only just come across.
Better late than never, right?!
Just released their new Album Ex-manic.
I have definitely heard the single 'Like them', most likely while shopping in Topshop, who always have the must listen to play list of the moment.
I like the rawness of the band, a little like Babyshambles but more softer (and in tune) and i won't get dodgy looks listening to this from my friends.....i don't think.
Take a listen on their Myspace page.

I want a new tattoo

Watching the lovely Fearne Cotton interview the even lovelier Johnny Depp on Radio 1 Movies Blog, i discovered they share the same tattoo artist; Marc Mahoney is one of the founding fathers of black and grey tattoo art, alongside johnny depp Mark has inked only Hollywood's finest from Brad and Angelina, Birtney, Fred durst to Mickey Rourke.

Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club

I believe tattoos should be meaningful and thought through. You've got to remember that things going to be on your forever. My two tattoos took me alot of thought, but i couldn't be happier. A small heart outline on the side of my wrist i got with my mum because we would always doodle hearts when i was younger. The word 'Freedom' on my inner arm below my elbow to signify what i have learnt in the past year at university and living life the way i want to.

If i had the money and time I'd travel to Miami ink to see Ami James who is an unbelievably talented tattoo artist as well as very nice to look at, which i can imagine would help going through the painful experience.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

just a taster....but i want more!

A lot to catch up on...

First things first.
Burberry Prorsum was the most amazing experience of my life. Its given me a true taster of what the fashion world is like, and now i want more! The atmosphere there was indescribable, the room was buzzing with photographers, journalists, editors, stylists, models and celebrities. Where to them it is a social event, to mingle and network. True to British weather it rained, and as guests entered the Chelsea College of Art venue the weather continued with a soundtrack of pouring rain.
for A/W 2010 boots get higher and coats get shorter. Bailey created an army of cadet girls dressed in officer coats and sheepskin flying jackets detailed in buckles and zips. The military look was softened up with delicate skin tight lace dresses and jewel tones in lime green, raspberry pink and midnight blue. An ultra cool wearable collection that is made to stand the test of time, if you invest in anything other than a Burberry mac make sure its the brass buttoned military coat.
Burberry took the future forward step in going 3D live to viewers in New York, Tokyo, L.A and Dubai, giving a nod to today's culture of super-fast availability.
To think that i was sat in that room blows my mind.
i could easily get used to this lifestyle.
P.S My claim to fame...Anna Wintour and Kate Hudson were sat just 6 people in front of me!