Thursday, 12 February 2009

Gantt chart - Ted Baker

This is my completed gantt chart for Ted Baker. After researching other gantt charts and the reasons they are used i was able to understand the use of them within a project, and what was important to include when creating a gantt chart.
After looking at the Ted Baler brand and logo i wanted something simple but also something that stood out. I chose to only use the colours black and white because these are the colours used by the main logo of the brand.
I originally wanted to put the brands logo behind the actual chart, but after searching for images on Ted Baker i decided to just include these, so that is was not to confusing.
I chose to only use white writing on the black background as i think this is modern and effective.
I chose to use red for the planned duration as this stands out on the chart as this is what the team should be following for the tasks.
I re-read through the creative brief i had edited and and pulled out information that i thought was relevant for the team completing the tasks. I broke the brief down into tasks that needed to be doing and thought about a reasonable time scale for a team of people to work on these tasks.
I am very happy with my gantt chart as i feel it meets the needs of its purpose. it is easy to read and follow and helps gets all tasks completed in the time allocated.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This is my third idea for a creative brief. Because my last one i felt was too 'girly' with the pink flower background and my previous one to plain, i wanted to create something different from these. I also felt my creative briefs were to wordy, and needed to be edited down more so and broken up, to encourage people to want to read it and gain ideas. Therefore i used an image on some black flowers illustrated in the background and cove rd them with a gradient going from red, pink to white, these are bright colours, enticing people to look at them. Because of the decorative background i moved the logo to that side as well so that it blends in slightly more and fills in the blank space in the bottom left hand corner. i then decided to break the text up into it's sub- headings, and alter each ones individual shape, so some are more rectangle and other square. i think this make it more exciting to look at and more readable in each section. It also doesn't look as much information.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

final creative briefs

After finalising my logo, i then edited the creative brief from ted baker to use. i broke it up into sub-headings and edited the text to go under these headings.
I have decided to use the 'Timeless designs' logo which is in the circle instead of the figure, because i feel the figure would be more suited to a fashion agency rather than a creative agency.
Where i was going to originally put the text around each side of this logo, i have changed my mind, because i felt this made the logo of the company too central, taking the attention away to the actual brief.
I have created two briefs which i feel are both different. although they both use the text in the same way, because i feel this is a good way for the text to be read and informative, i experimented with the background to make them look more interesting.

This is my first attempt at putting together my creative brief. i have made the background gradient and scaled the size of my logo so it isn't too overpowering, this is likewise with the colours i chose. i didn't want them to distract the reader from the writing. i like this brief because it is plain, but colourful, and easy to look at.
The next brief i designed i wanted to be more creative with the background, however not too overpowering. the image behind the writing was originally a photograph of some Orange flowers in a field. i then added a separate layer and filled it with the red/pink colour which it is now and changed the opacity of the block colour to a lighter one.

I then used a filter on the image to create the sketched style of the flowers and altered how strong this came through in different areas. i did all this on photo shop. i then added on my text and made the headings a little bolder. i prefere this creative brief as there is more going on when you look at it, but not too much to distract the viewer from the information.
the only issue with this creative brief design is i feel it could be too 'girly' with the colours and flowers on.