Thursday, 12 February 2009

Gantt chart - Ted Baker

This is my completed gantt chart for Ted Baker. After researching other gantt charts and the reasons they are used i was able to understand the use of them within a project, and what was important to include when creating a gantt chart.
After looking at the Ted Baler brand and logo i wanted something simple but also something that stood out. I chose to only use the colours black and white because these are the colours used by the main logo of the brand.
I originally wanted to put the brands logo behind the actual chart, but after searching for images on Ted Baker i decided to just include these, so that is was not to confusing.
I chose to only use white writing on the black background as i think this is modern and effective.
I chose to use red for the planned duration as this stands out on the chart as this is what the team should be following for the tasks.
I re-read through the creative brief i had edited and and pulled out information that i thought was relevant for the team completing the tasks. I broke the brief down into tasks that needed to be doing and thought about a reasonable time scale for a team of people to work on these tasks.
I am very happy with my gantt chart as i feel it meets the needs of its purpose. it is easy to read and follow and helps gets all tasks completed in the time allocated.

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