Tuesday, 31 March 2009

These are my business card designs on the notebook that i scanned in. Using photoshop i cropped them and moved them to illustrator where i added the text. i experimented with the text, and i think it looks better in a larger font so it lies on each of the lines of the notebook. i also like it in a portrait style, just as the notebook was.
i also experimented with the back of the business card. I changed the colour of my name and i like the idea of having the back of the business card in the same colour.
When the business is portrait setup i think it it looks good the notebook being on both sides.

my first business cards

These are my first business card designs. I created the images on both indesign and photoshop and then moved them over to illustrator to lay them out as business cards.
the flower image was an image i got off the Internet and edited in photoshop. To begin with i cut around the flower and then changed its colour and its background colour as i wanted it to be simple, yet in a bold colour so it was effective. The other flower image came from the doodle idea from each petal being a different bright colour. i used the same flower, but erased the stem and leaf and changed its colours in photoshop, using the paint and brush tool. i decided to repeat the flower rather than just do one. The business card with all the various colours of lines on it came from the different coloured petals, where i used the eyedropper tool to use the same colours. The card with the lines on was originally going to be the opposite side to the flower one, however i thought this was too much design and my information wouldn't stand out. I like the idea of doing one side of the business card in a full bold bright block colour and like how the pink looks as a block colour.
i am happy with these first business card designs, as they are fun and colourful. However i am interested in fashion and want to portray this on my card and these cards do not do this.
To continue my research i look at books in the library. The two books i looked at were; The best of Business Card Design by Rockport publishers and World Business Cards Today by Pie books.
Looking through these books gave me inspiration in the way i could lay out my business card and it composition. it gave me much inspiration.
The image of the hangers was an idea i really liked, and had actually thought about this idea before i came across these business cards. I liked the hanger idea because it is related to fashion, and although currently i am unsure what field in fashion i want to go in i want to somehow show my interest in fashion on my business card. This seems like a good way of going about it. I really like the block colours they use. Another part i like about this these business cards and what i think makes them interesting is that each of them have a small inspirational quote on. Developing the idea of using a quote on my business card i came across this unusual idea of the business card being like a book or a page from a book. i think this is a very unusual quirky idea which i could adapt.

To adapt it for my own business card i would get a long quote or fashion essay which interests me, and within this writing in a bold colour font i could write my details in the centre. for example if the writing was black my details would cut the story up in the centre of the card in bold red writing.
This idea of writing then lead to me thinking about a notepad and paper, as had my small notepad with me i decided to scan this in and i noticed i liked the idea of having the ring binding bit at the top of the pad, this could be used as the top of my business card. Developing this idea i decided to crumble up the first page of my notepad and scan this in as well, as i really like it when things look worn or used. This has also made me think about developing the idea and writing my information on the notepad first and then scanning it in and cropping it and editing it on photo shop.

Continuing my interest of using bold bright colours i found some business cards which i liked and used this theme. I like the bluntness about these business cards.

To continue my ideas, i decided to do research on business cards. We looked at already designed business cards by passed students and discussed what we thought was effective.
I saw various shapes of business cards, however i learnt from hearing other people views aswell as my own that a business card which is, for example in the shape of a square or a circle are not as useful as normal credit card sized ones. Altough they are unusal which can catch the viewers attention they are not as usefull, this is because they can be awkard to keep in a wallet or purse and therefore could easily be lost or forgotton about. therefore i have decided i want to keep mine at a regular credit card size.
Some of the designs we looked at really interested me. One design had a full block colour on one side, i liked this as i saw it caught many peoples attention. i also like the quite plain, minimalistic designs, for example there was a clothing brand which had a pair of knickers on. the design was that the front was the front of the knickers and when you turned the business card over the back of the knickers was on the other side. Everyone liked this idea, because it was fun and quirky aswell as being relevant.

Business card project

i am going to design and produce myself a business card. i will create this using adobe illustrator. When designing my business card i must think about the information that i put on it, making sure it is appropriate, such as; a logo, styling, the design and layout,composition, tactility, reversal and colour.
My own personal information that will be put on the business card is my name, my email address and mobile number, the university adress and full title of my course.

To start my designing of my business card i began with a few doodles which i did in one class.
The flower is something i always doodle, and because i do not have a specific field which my business card is being made for such as a design/creative agency, i feel it is important to design it in a way in which i like which can hopefully show my character.
i really like the bright gel pens i used to colour this flower with, i like bold, bright use of colour and would like to incoporate this into my design.
i would also like my business card to be quirky and fun as well as useful.
the skyline idea, i really like. it developed from an image i saw a while ago on the internet. I like the idea of using small drawings, like doodles on my business card as i think these can be small but also effective as they can be memorable.