Tuesday, 31 March 2009

my first business cards

These are my first business card designs. I created the images on both indesign and photoshop and then moved them over to illustrator to lay them out as business cards.
the flower image was an image i got off the Internet and edited in photoshop. To begin with i cut around the flower and then changed its colour and its background colour as i wanted it to be simple, yet in a bold colour so it was effective. The other flower image came from the doodle idea from each petal being a different bright colour. i used the same flower, but erased the stem and leaf and changed its colours in photoshop, using the paint and brush tool. i decided to repeat the flower rather than just do one. The business card with all the various colours of lines on it came from the different coloured petals, where i used the eyedropper tool to use the same colours. The card with the lines on was originally going to be the opposite side to the flower one, however i thought this was too much design and my information wouldn't stand out. I like the idea of doing one side of the business card in a full bold bright block colour and like how the pink looks as a block colour.
i am happy with these first business card designs, as they are fun and colourful. However i am interested in fashion and want to portray this on my card and these cards do not do this.

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