Monday, 27 December 2010

3 ways to wear....a gilet

Country classic. The heritage look i couldn't help indulge in. Camel, elbow patches, and a dark green gilet. You've got to look asif you own a horse, earn a fortune and eat a Sunday lunch at the local pub. City urban gilet. More relaxed and by far my favourite. This is less posh Barbour girl. The gilet is all about mixing layers up, here i have put an American apparel hoodie underneath and added my hobo style hat for that rough boyish edge. Lastly is the chunky knit which as been huge this season. With such thick layers i belted it up, i guess I've got to be feminine sometimes.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Your so vain

This weeks Shortlist looks at how the British male grooming has grown.

Have you noticed how the everyday man we pass on the street is now making the most of himself?  With so much on offer on the shelves of Boots, and the media saying it is OK to moisturise and smell good, men are more aware of the ever growing range of grooming products available and, are more open about using them.
This is, not as we might think, influenced by the modern 'metrosexual' man but by money and status in the work place. In a survery by L'Oreal, 47% of men said thier well-managed appearence helped them climb the business ladder. Men have recognised that looking and feeling well groomed will have a postitive impact on how they feel about themselves and how they perform in other areas of their life.

Admittingly there is nothing more appealing than a man who knows how to take care of himself. I'm not only talking about being well groomed but rather of everyday well being and house keeping. I say this because a boy-friend of mine recently stayed for a few nights in my house, a house which i share with 2 girls so is, generally, a pretty clean one. After a long day at work I came home from work to find he had not only tidied my room, and made my bed, but also hoovered the house. Yes, i nearly fell over in shock too!!

I will always like men for being just that - a man, and being far less vain than any girl i know. Because however good these well groomed men may be looking, it is unacceptable for a man to spend the same amount of time as me in front of a mirror. That is why the R-patz and Johnny depp hobo style will always win me over, prefereing the rugged over the pampered - and their smelly unwashed ways haven't affected their world famous careers.
And in the end if you can make me cry with laughter, even if your slightly un-kept and don't moisturise every night, then your better groomed than any product Boots can offer.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spot the difference..

"New Yorkers are better groomed, but Londoners make up for their chipped nail varnish and un-whitened teeth with very cool clothes."

Crossed the line?

If you know anything of fashion this season then you'll know were are facing an of simplicity. The age of extremes are over.
This maybe explains my ever occurring yawn over lady Gaga.
She will never fail to surprise, and the Hause of Gaga (the term used to describe her behind the scenes creative team) is one that will constantly intrigue and captivate the entire world.
But has she taken it a step too far this time?
I think so.

I couldn't agree more...

Reading Russell Brand's Booky Wook 2 is probably the best decision you could make.
The book is written exactly as he speaks, demonstrating the power of the English language at it's best,
which is the exact reason that makes it so worth while reading. It's different - refreshing if anything!
Following the know sober but still scandalous brand as he embarks on his ever-growing ego and fame, it is full of Russell's logic and theory to life thrown in with charming wit.
You might think brand talks a load of nonsense the majority of the time but his book is full of his interesting outlook on life.....
"Do we humans properly understand the notion of the future? It doesn't seem we do. i'll agree to almost anything as long as it's way-off yonder - secretly believing the allotted time will never actually arrive."
An exciting read that will be put a huge smile on your face no matter how awful your day as been.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


You would think coming to london would have inspired me, this is the city people come to to 'make it happen', right?
However what has happened in the past few weeks has been the complete opposite.The vicious rat race has caught up with me and i have been affected by 21st century information overload.

   newspapers,magazines, radio, twitter, facebook, youtube.
We want to know everything and we want to know it now.
 Is it just me that finds it especially difficult to filter what is actually important and relevant?
All this has resulted in me losing focus on why i'm here, in this amazing city with this incredible internship and opportunities.
So when feeling incredibly lost and overwhelmed it's important  to focus on putting on step in front of another. For me this mainly involves getting through my incredibly long working days - which as a uni student i am not at all familiar with!
My lack of creatvity (and blogging) has been due to getting caught up in the mundane everyday tasks that need to be done, in order to get from one day to the next.
I refuse to put any out of reach goals on my to do list for the day, for the one fact i have no idea what these goals are or where the hell i'm heading.

-washing up
-buy milk
-style a photoshoot in central london
-save up for mulberry Alexa

To get to where you want to be the little footsteps are vital - whether you know where your heading or not.

Just a little bit in love...

With this man....

I bumped into him last week in Covent Gardens last week. And yes, he was exactly as he is known, like an annoying little kid that you can't help but love!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rock with you, all night!

In honour of big brother housemate shabby and the mighty MJ i am testing the masculine hat.
A hat is a protective blanket away from the world when you having a hideous hair day, and this one from H&M is perfect for that. It also adds an edge to an everyday t-shirt, jeans and loafer look.
I was originally on search for a bowler hat, but this one hits all the right spots. And the fact that it looks more like i stole if from my grandads wardrobe is an added bonus.
Next trend to try... hat and geek glasses. Maybe a step too far?

Monday, 27 September 2010

It's whats inside that counts

A close friend of mine recently tweeted that natural beauty wins him over. This is a constant opinion I am hearing from the opposite sex. And part of me totally agrees. How you look is not the bee all and end all, and we’ve heard the saying countless times, it’s what is inside that counts.

Yes natural beauty is what is it about, and this is all good and well if you’ve got that kind of natural confidence. And if you have, bottle it up for me please. But what if you can’t quite get what’s inside out?
It is about feeling the best you possibly can and expressing yourself in the way you want. Because although it is a horrible thought, we are all pre judged. My clothes speak before i do, so i want them to say something interesting.
Apparently men want to strip us of everything we have, and see us for what we are, which I admit is refreshing; that someone can see past all that crazy dressing and believe in you.
Although all this doesn’t stop my bad habits of stacking on the bracelets, necklaces and rings. Because I say, feel the best you can at all times, no matter what it takes.

touch me

 My first attempt at this seasons textures trend.
Buying something you want to touch all the time is risky business. I don't want to end up being someones pet and stroked all day long! Unless of course, I'm Johnny Depp's pet - then that's a completely different matter.
So I've gone for grown up textures, leather look leggings and a suede top.

Suede top - H&M
Leather leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots- Nine West

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Why i don't dress for men

The essay in Instyle’s October issue is by Emily Dean on why she stopped dressing for men. It made me realise, that I’ve never dressed for men.

There are exceptions to this, like nights out with the girls. Where it is important to feel sexy, it helps you feel confident and ooze the right amount of sex appeal. Enough to get chatting to the guy you’re eyeing up, in order to get your free drink and if you’re lucky, snog of the night.
Fashion is about self expression. Which as Emily Dean’s sister points out to her “is what the problem is with dressing for men, you’re constantly second-guessing someone else’s tastes.”
Some women are ultra feminine and express this with low cut figure hugging dresses. I, on the other hand, am still young and immature and often have masculine tendencies. I’m not saying I burp and fart in public, just that I don’t always sit with my legs crossed and might wear my t-shirt half un-tucked.
The article ends with Emily Dean asking “Why is it that as soon as I stop dressing for men, I start getting genuine interest from men?” Which her friend replies “i think, you’ve just answered your own question.”

This hits the nail on the head as to what my wardrobe is – genuine to who i am, in order to attract genuine interest from the ever confusing opposite sex.
This whole idea of genuine interest might be old fashioned but i believe everyone single or settled should dress genuine to who they are, because it is a well known fact that self-confidence is the most attractive quality in any person.

image from Trend Hunter - Hugo boss ad

Bad guy gone good

According to Company’s September issue nice guys are back, and if Mr Russell Brand can go good, so can I. I’m changing my ways and if i am to become a true geek i need a partner in crime.

Me and my best friend have a saying ‘Fit but shit’. Referring to the brash testosterone fuelled guy who can flirt his way into our lives and pants. But this unpredictable so-called mysterious guy can only last so long until it all becomes tedious and mind numbing. It seems the charm of the bad boy is starting to wear off. Yes i still want the fun, risk taker but also the conservative for the serious times, who isn’t ashamed to show he is capable of caring.
Fashion has gone through a dramatic change and just as the way we shop is changing maybe we should change the way we search for a man. Stop indulging in the £5 Primark dress, save up for the £25 Topshop version – which will last you through all your winter dates, not just the one night stand.
The bad goes as quick as it came, so if i try the good, maybe it’ll last a little longer. I am going to shop for my new man the way i am shopping for my winter wardrobe; finding the one to last. This won’t stop me having risky inappropriate flings along the way because in reality what do you learn from not taking risks.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Prince Charming

Will buy me...

 jewellery was featured in this weeks Stylist magazine. Online browsing of the jewellery left a sweet smile on my face but also a sour frown at the prices. The dainty skull bracelet at £55.
It is a fact that is impossible to come across decent, long-lasting jewellery without the price tag. This is understandable really because if it was cheaper it wouldn't be as 'special' and would be found in Topshop next to all the other Freedom costume jewellery.
Hannah Zakari is a one woman operation owned and run by, Rachael Lamb. Her aim is to promote smaller, independent brands as an alternative to mass produced high street items.
I know who I'd prefer to raid my piggy bank for.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A new'un


A new find. Bik Bok reminds me of Zara TRF collection. It's young and quirky. It's all about mixing and matching, Most of it isn't really my style, but its a fun collection, and offers a mix of brands.
Now I've overcome my geek glasses fear there is no stopping me, I'm planning on grabbing a bowler hat. Is this a step too far? Bik Bok sell one for just £7.99.So we'll see if i can pluck up the courage...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Overdose me.


Currently doing a short intern at Entice Communiction PR firm, which specialise in Health, Beauty and Fitness - ever heard of the Power plate or the latest celeb craze, power balance bands? -I'm working on a whole new scope of the PR industry, and seen as it's my first time actually working in the industry, is really exciting. In fact anything new is exciting to me.
However the only down side is i am missing fashion!!
The only daily fix is raiding my housemates wardrobes, and the London Evening Standard's fashion section on my journey home.
So we are hitting Vogue's fashion night out tonight. We have our best brogues on to hit every corner of The fashion Triangle - Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street.

This should be enough to indulge in my over needed fashion fix

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Put them on, Take them off

The smart girl is a key trend this winter. Think Alexa Chung and 14 year old blogger Tavi, and it’s clear the geek is still going strong. It has taken some time for me to let this trend sink in and to realise it is here to stay. So here goes. I am embracing my inner nerd and going behind the glass. Geek glasses aren’t for everyone, and I’m unsure I can pull them off, but with some encouragement I have plucked the courage to test ride geek glasses.

This season don’t be afraid to project the ideal woman inside you. Whether it’s smart business woman, curvy housewife or geek girl. It’s easier than you think- and you never know who you might become.

Our Dream World

This season is all about realism. We are forced to face the harsh reality of wearable clothes, so make room for the ‘normal clothes’. After the glitz and glamour of the celeb filled noughties it’s time for something more genuine and real. Wait a minute, stop yawning. This is good news, it means the gap between a fashionable dream world and drab reality is no longer as wide as it was. Now everyday life is our fashion filled dream.

I have bought my first pair of practical shoes. They are uber geek chic and unsurprisingly androgynous. Meet my city smart shoes- suited for trawling the city and smart enough for work.

Shoes; £62 - Office

Knee high, Knee low

Finding a skirt that is an appropriate day time length is a lucky gem. I hate having to yank a skirt down as it rides up with every step i take, to reveal my cheeks, and i don’t mean the ones on my face. So thank god hemlines are going down this A/W. And thank god for H&M for giving me my lucky gem.

I had in mind a soft comfortable silhouette highlighting my waist.

The knotted belt is one accessory trick that baffles me. No matter how much I attempt it i fail miserably every time. So i am cheating...shhh. This one is from H&M and comes ready made. The knotted belt adds the masculine touch that i crave so much, and is key to this causal but elegant trend.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Mismatch Me

You've got to be pretty confident with your styling to pull this off. This is the sort of trend that can go horribly wrong.
I'm taking baby steps and mixed my checked shirt with stripes and florals. The best patterns in my eyes and probably the easiest to mix and match if your new to the experimenting game.

Playing dress up

Living with two girls is probably the best idea i ever had.
And the raiding of each other's wardrobe as officialy begun.
Someone else's wardrobe is like a dress up box, finding new things to mix and match, it makes getting ready in a morning less of a chore and much more fun.

I styled up my best friend. Finding a style, your own style, takes time and alot of patience. This year me and my two housemates vow to find and develop our own style.
 I always wonder do stylisters just throw outfits together. I don't believe they do, putting outfits together takes thought. So our plan was to dress up in outfits we can wear on our placements, so that monday mornings require no thought what so ever. 

And my favourite....

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Th Big City

WOW London is tiring, but completely amazing.

The first few days did, just as i predicted overwhelm me. Now i am starting to catch up with the pace of the London, and my toned legs are coming on nicely.
I have become a pro at getting around on the underground maze, even if i am helped my by handy London guide book (best piece of advice i could give; never come to London without one!)
on the first two days me and the best blondie friend, flicked through the guide and picked a page at random, and just went there. No better way to do it.
The growing up side of living alone is taking it's toll and we are in the slow painful process of setting up out broadband. in the mean time because i can't quite afford to be a Starbucks blogger i have resorted to the free Internet in Pret A manger, (their hot chocolates are the most delicious i have ever tasted)...Now i am a true city blogger.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Simple shapes

Clean and simple are the first words that come to mind with COS clothing.
I love this effortless, non-fuss look. It is the sort of style you can wear anytime and take is the perfect date.
I have never purchased anything from COS, and on my London budget it seems pretty unlikely. But I can dream.  COS is pretty affordable at about £45 for a perfect shirt but it's still out of my price range. Although this grey jersey top is only £25. BARGAIN!

A bunch of your finest

The hardest pattern to shop for is definitely floral.
it can be tricky to find a print which mixes the right colours together, in a pattern that doesn't look nasty and cheap. A print that is on trend but is a classic, and has a slight vintage twist....because everyone thinks vintage when you see a tasteful floral print. Right?
Saving up and fashion definitely should never ever be used in the same sentence. Purely because it is completely impossible to do both! Therefore i have given up on the saving up and am going for the fashion part.
Following my floral shorts, i have purchased a floral blouse.  it is definitely a bit of a grandma blouse but not so twee and pretty, and paired with my geography teacher cord shorts i am going for a comfortable boyish look.

oooo i can feel an autumn breeze already...

Chill the F**k out....

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Glorious England

Promises are easy to break....too easy sometimes.
When i promised to not buy any more stripes. I lied.

Today i am celebrating. My official moving day to London is 3 days time!

I HAVE DREAM...... to one day move abroad and set up base in a foreign country, which one, i haven't quite thought that far.
For those who are happy staying where they are, if that works for you then stay and keep cosy. But i have got the travel bug built in me . I love travelling and want to experience the whole hog of different lifestyles and cultures. What is scary is how different other cultures are to the English way of life, i know it is possible to adapt, but am i too set in my British ways to change?
The language barrier isn't easy to knock down either. For me life is confusing enough without a couple of hundred other languages to pick up on the way around. Languages certainly make life a little trickier and a world with just one language would be much simpler. But who wants simple and easy? Challenges make the tedious things exciting.
Moving to London is a huge step to take, this growing up business is getting pretty serious. So for now i am not ready to give up everything i have in glorious day though.....I promise!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Right or wrong?

I can't remember the exact moment that i decided cords are actually OK.
The moment that they went from old geography teacher to chic style. But that moment has certainly happened and as of this week i am the proud owner of TWO pairs of cord shorts.
Shame on me?! Pfftttt...think what you like.
Wearing cords means it has definitely hit home we are in a utilitarian trend. They are super soft, super comfy and bang on trend in the dark rustic camel colour.
They were £22.99 from Zara.
if i have just one piece of advice for shoppers this winter it would be

Shorts - Zara
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - Topshop

One pair, two ways...

I ummed and arred about getting these Topshop shorts. But i was too much in love with them to resist. I justified my buy because even though they are a strong stand out piece they are pretty versatile. Plus i need something girly and pretty in my wardrobe against all them masculine style clothes.

Working girl...

OR Wild Child...
Blouse - Next
Bag - Mulberry
T-shirt - Topshop
Red lipstick - Rimmel, 220 retro

Bedtime read

I have just starting reading Lauren Conrads book, L.A candy. I am not sure this is a good idea.
I am no hardcore follower of The Hills but i have to admit i am a fan! Once you watch you can not help get sucked into the drama and designer clothes!
I have had this book for over a year and it still has never invited me to read.
The book is about about a girl who moves to LA, gets sucked into the partying life and followed around by a TV show. Sound familiar?
I have been put off reading because surely it is just an autobiography. So why change the names to Jane and Scarlett?!
The hills is all about juicy 'real life' gossip, so just be straight to the point!

I'll keep you updated on whether is is a page turner...

The best is in black

It was my birthday. A happy exciting day that we were celebrating, so we both wore black. How daring are we! It wasn't done intentionally, and we are not morbid, it's just black suits every occasion and without a doubt makes you feel glam. Chloe (the blondie) dressed up her exaggerated shoulder dress with a long beaded necklace, which i can not wait to steal. This outfit is so simple yet so chic. She looks gooooooood. I paired my winter black lace dress with my clogs. A risky option, as they are two opposing seasons. However i think i successfully made my winter dress a summer dress, i hope?

It would turn out that i am not as comfortable in front of the camera as i am behind it. It is not that i am bossy but purely because i can see the end product as it happens. When i take a picture i am in control of what is in that frame. Being in front of the camera highlights my lack of confidence and when there is someone else taking the photo (even though it is my best friend) I have a little man sat on my shoulder shouting "YOU LOOK SILLY!" Even though i know my best friend has less judgement of me than when it is just me and my tripod.