Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Th Big City

WOW London is tiring, but completely amazing.

The first few days did, just as i predicted overwhelm me. Now i am starting to catch up with the pace of the London, and my toned legs are coming on nicely.
I have become a pro at getting around on the underground maze, even if i am helped my by handy London guide book (best piece of advice i could give; never come to London without one!)
on the first two days me and the best blondie friend, flicked through the guide and picked a page at random, and just went there. No better way to do it.
The growing up side of living alone is taking it's toll and we are in the slow painful process of setting up out broadband. in the mean time because i can't quite afford to be a Starbucks blogger i have resorted to the free Internet in Pret A manger, (their hot chocolates are the most delicious i have ever tasted)...Now i am a true city blogger.

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Helen said...

So glad it's going well for you! The only way I ever find my way around London is the Tube Deluxe app on my iPhone!