Thursday, 12 August 2010

A bunch of your finest

The hardest pattern to shop for is definitely floral.
it can be tricky to find a print which mixes the right colours together, in a pattern that doesn't look nasty and cheap. A print that is on trend but is a classic, and has a slight vintage twist....because everyone thinks vintage when you see a tasteful floral print. Right?
Saving up and fashion definitely should never ever be used in the same sentence. Purely because it is completely impossible to do both! Therefore i have given up on the saving up and am going for the fashion part.
Following my floral shorts, i have purchased a floral blouse.  it is definitely a bit of a grandma blouse but not so twee and pretty, and paired with my geography teacher cord shorts i am going for a comfortable boyish look.

oooo i can feel an autumn breeze already...

1 comment:

Meg! said...

I think you've found a perfect floral print in that blouse! It looks so good on you, and balanced perfectly with the shorts. But you must explain what "twee" means!