Sunday, 29 August 2010

Knee high, Knee low

Finding a skirt that is an appropriate day time length is a lucky gem. I hate having to yank a skirt down as it rides up with every step i take, to reveal my cheeks, and i don’t mean the ones on my face. So thank god hemlines are going down this A/W. And thank god for H&M for giving me my lucky gem.

I had in mind a soft comfortable silhouette highlighting my waist.

The knotted belt is one accessory trick that baffles me. No matter how much I attempt it i fail miserably every time. So i am cheating...shhh. This one is from H&M and comes ready made. The knotted belt adds the masculine touch that i crave so much, and is key to this causal but elegant trend.

1 comment:

Meg! said...

I love this look. The stripes and the belt look great with your new skirt.