Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sweet little socks

Dress - All saints
Necklaces -Topshop, H&M
Shoes - Nine West
Socks- next

My best boy-friend bought me this blue barry m nail varnish. It definitely brightens up all of my outfits, going to wear it non-stop for the rest of the summer.


A BRIT GREEK said...

Loving the bling and you looks so cute!!!


BRIANA said...

cute look; loving the chains


amanda lynn? said...

i love this outfit and how you layered all the jewelry. very cute.

Meg! said...

I love all of your jewelry! And I have the same nail polish as you. Awesome. :D

Yeah, my hair is naturally curly, but the color isn't natural haha. I, too, and growing it out but it's such slow going! Especially since the curls make it shorter than it actually is. Sigh!

Sarah said...

Love the shoes with the socks. It totally makes the outfit!

Maddalena said...

love combi shoes + socks!

Chez said...

Lovely! I also love that nail polish, all I could describe it as before was 'smurf coloured', haha

emilywilson said...

haha smurf it!