Friday, 30 July 2010

More than just friends

An article in August issue of Elle looks at how you can benefit from having an array and variety of friends.
Friends that can make you richer, thinner and more successful.
It refers to the new book Connected by social scientist Nicholas Christakas and James Fowler. Which looks at how we adapt to our social groups. We will have various friends whom we share our different traits with and who bring out different aspects of our personality, for example, friends who you exercises with, those who share fashion or music interests, friends who think your the funny or those that come to you for advice.
Their book puts forward the idea that who we are is largely based on those around you. At the moment i only need to look as far as mine and Chloe's (my best friend) wardrobe to see the truth in this. A year ago neither of us would be caught dead, or more likely alive, in each other outfits. However a year living under the same roof has meant our wardrobes have integrated and i now find myself buying a top which i can wear with her pants and vice verse.
I like the idea that our social networks alter our everyday norms, beliefs and behaviours.
If this friend potential really is true i am on the search for those high flyers, pin up models and fitness fanatics to improve my life.

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Haven said...

I think this is very true. I change my style with my friends as well!