Thursday, 22 July 2010

Choose your favourite letter.

My current canvas bag is definatly had its day and time to retire with a few holes in. RIP.
on the other hand this means picking a new one. this would be fun, except for the fact i am the most indecisive person.
This website alaphabet bags sells quirky canvas bags with letters ad phrases on....
I am undecided between 3...E for Emily, YES and HOLD ME. Currently i am swayed to the HOLD ME. It makes me smile and is a bit cheeky.


Helen said...

I have an alphabet bag addiction. I've got 4! I've got H, I Refuse to Participate in a Recession, You Look Lovely Today and another one that I can't remember (I have too many bags!).

I've also got one of their H purses. Love!

emilywilson said...

oooo ace!! i opted for the HOLD ME. eee excited to get it :) xx p.s you can never EVER have too many bags :P