Sunday, 18 July 2010

A letter to Company

In Company's August issue there is a report on infidelity. As a subject that has and still does play a huge part in mine and many other girls and boys lives, i wanted to write to i can win a camera for the star letter!
Please comment, i want to hear all your views on fidelity and relationships. Single and having fun or taken and madly in love, who can you trust nowadays?

Dear Company magazine,
Thank you for fidelity is so last season. Infidelity is a huge issue for young woman. When i found out my now ex boyfriend had been texting, sexting and sending flirty facebook messages to an array of other girls, i was so hurt. In search of revenge and hazed by alcohol i cheated on him with a one night stand. It didn't make me feel any better, i was just as bad as him.
No one can say they will never cheat but i believe you shouldn't be with someone if you are tempted to cheat. The report gave me an insight into open relationships but i still i couldn’t come to terms with sharing my man. I have lost some faith in boys but i haven't given up on true love forever.
Just as the report says being young does mean leaving someone isn't a life changing decision which is why so much infidelity happens in young relationships. There is just too many fish in the sea.

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