Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Oops i did it again...

I think they kind of look like slippers, but that's fine by me as they are as comfy as them.
i never see myself as a shoe lover, however this is clearly changing. Judging by the size of my shoes label in my tags cloud i am quite a fan of them. Just as well for the time being until someone buys me my Mulberry Alexa. hint hint cough cough. I have always wanted some colourful shoes, and when i spotted these in River Island sale i met my perfect match. Simple lilac shoes with a full black outfit will make the ultimate impact. And the studs make them not so twee, which makes them so Emily (me).


Ruju said...

Your blog is uber cute! I'm following :)

Check mine out too: http://mindfullofglitter.blogspot.com/

and maybe follow? xxxx

Helen said...

Ooh those are lovely. There are far too many good sales at the moment. I'm having to avoid the shops! x