Saturday, 24 July 2010

What you looking at?

Today i wore my new in your face DRESS ME UP t-shirt. People were staring (fashion hasn't quite had it's full impact in Preston) and i could be called an attention seeking fashionista. But to be perfectly honest the clothes i wear have nothing to do with attention seeking.

I want people to look at the clothes not me.

In a very simple poetic way i am different characters in my own play, everyday is dressing up as new character. But life isn't as fairytale as we'd all like. I believe for real people, in real life clothes portray how you are feeling. If you are feeling confident, you dress sexy in bold colours and show a little flesh whereas wearing something slightly loose fitting in black is a shield that you can hide behind.
Gok's (my fairy fashion mother) fashion fix and How to look good naked programmes are the perfect example of this. Gok raises peoples confidence makes them feel great and takes them on a journey which at the end is without a doubt beautiful and colourful hence portraying their confident bright mood.
Each outfit i have makes me feel different and suits all my various moods;
Sexy, cheeky, bang on trend, masculine, feminine, warm, cold, bright, grumpy.

It's not that I'm hiding behind the clothes, I'd just prefer people to focus on the clothes rather than me.


Wardrobe Wars said...

The tshirt is amazing (we saw the pics in your older posts). We love it so much. The possibilities are endless. We can understand the staring thing - fashion isn't that big in our little Irish town but things are beginning to improv with the opening of New Look and others. We say, be stylish, wear fashion and inspire others to follow suit. They may be staring now but just give them time..............
Greetings from Ireland
Fifi & Niamh

Ella Masters said...

I would really love it if you got involved with my give away over on my loving yours :)