Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I love that clean cut minimalism look. A piece of clothing that just transforms your outfit and mood in seconds. I am slowly starting to acquire a wardrobe of these classic pieces, building up my own Gok interchangeable wardrobe.
This jacket it my new found autumn love.  I have had my eye on it since it first came into Topshop about 2 months ago. The colour is so crisp and i can not get enough of the slightly masculine details, but at £65 i couldn't find a good enough reason, not that just wanting it wasn't a valid reason. With London and placement coming i now have a reason to shop shop shop. When i went in search of the jacket, it was the last size 8 in the sale. At £20, it was a bargain and of course, complete fate!
P.S check out MJ in the background! He really is my guilty pleasure. RIP

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello love,
Let me say first I LOVE THAT JACKET!!!! It looks amazing on you with great lines that show your figure. I also love staples i just struggle saving for the haha :/
xoxo AhsataL