Friday, 16 July 2010

'Get the London look'

According to August Vogue the seasons of dramatic make-up are over. Yes that is a small cheer you hear from me. Piling on eyeshadow with eyeliner is definatly not my fortey and i come out looking like the man side of drag queen. So i am extremly over the moon to hear the barely there approach is back.
Everwhere you lookit is clear this autumn / winter is about restraint and minimalism, and i cannot get enough.
With its neutral pallete this is definatly the designers way of drawing all attention to the clothes. I love the less is more statement.

I am not so talented on the make-up techniques so i decided to try this more refined image for myself and put its simplicity to the test. Vogue explained it is all about depth in the eye socket, velvety skin and most importantly strong, sculpted cheekbones. This sounded easy enough....
and it was. I kept my base clean with foundation, and applied bronzer on my cheekbones. I also applied a light powder above this bronzer, to emphasize my cheekbones more so, a little trick i learned from some teenage magazine that has stuck with me.
I used a light beige eyeshadow all over my eyelid, then swept around a dark brown from the outside corner in. To finish i used a black eyeliner pencil close to my eyelashes from the ouside corner in.
My view on this barely there make-up look....huge thumbs up. It empahasised my best features and made my blue eyes come out to play. It was easy to do and lasted all day with only a little re-applying eyeliner. Definatly my 'London look' as Kate Moss or Sophie Ellis Bexter would say.

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