Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lets play out in the rain

OK, my final sale purchase....i promise-ish.
I do not know what is going on with some shops this year, these wellies are from Next and came in store along with the summer season clothes. Excuse me what!? Yes, they are perfect for those festival go-ers, but i don't think even the festival junkies would buy these clumpy wellies with their ripped denim shorts, sunglasses and straw trilby, and lucky for them we've had a pretty sunshine filled English summer.
So typically these wellies went straight in the sale....HALLELUJAH!! From £25 to £10, cheers Next.
Yes they are studs and studs were very much around last winter, but i don't care, they are perfect in my eyes. Teamed with a pretty floral number they give that boy/girl twist i crave so much.


A Brit Greek said...

Loving a good sale bargain!

The ales have started in Greece and it's just mental & seriously hot!


beewaits said...

I may need to go to next! These are amazing!

Claire xo