Friday, 23 July 2010

We all want to be famous

Without a doubt Topshop will always manage to steal all the money out of my bank account.
It is the one place i can go and know i will not be let down, there is always something i can find to pad out my wardrobe a wee bit more.
The latest purchase is this cheeky black t-shirt.
Just a plain old black t-shirt/dress right?


I live for quirky, slightly in your face  pieces of clothing and accessories. Items that make people look and smile. This t-shirt is exactly that. It over sized, slightly 'boyfriendy' and perfect for those 'wobbly bits' days. It's from Topshop boutique at £25 (£22.50 with student discount, kerr-ching) absolute steal!
I'm styling it with black (above ) or grey (below) knee high socks for the slight summer days we've got going on at the moment. But in winter I'm going to keep warm with woolly knit black or grey tights.


Meg! said...

That's the coolest t-shirt ever! I'm so jealous; I would love to have a Topshop here in Oregon. And also I'd love to be able to afford shopping there! Haha.

This shirt is so cute on you, though; I can't wait to see how you style it in the fall.

A Brit Greek said...

Hey girl, great buy! Love it!

My mate always gets first pick, since she buys shoes for Topshop! Lucky moo!

Have fun!

christen. said...

hey tharrr missy!
LOVE the knee socks! WORK IT giiiuuurl! haha.
ps- i'm following you now too! hope that's okay! ;D

Polina ,Julia ,Nastia said...

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Anonymous said...

Hahah I totally miss student discounts!!!