Friday, 2 July 2010

We're all sheep...

I was in London on Thursday, and as a newbie to the city (officially moving in August)  i am still constantly overwhelmed by the amount of people there are, but all the same i L.O.V.E it, probably because it's all new and exciting to me.
Struggling to walk the distances swapping tubes in my clogs i wondered why on earth are people walking so damn fast?
Are people actually in a rush to get from A to B or is this the London underground pace that i have to learn to catch up with?
Just because a handful of important business people are actually in a rush do we all have to run around like headless chicken, panting and puffing (and sweating on this particular day in the summer heat).  Yes. It would seem so.
And i am quite happy to go along with the exciting buzz of London city, and build up strong, toned legs along the way.

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