Thursday, 4 November 2010

Your so vain

This weeks Shortlist looks at how the British male grooming has grown.

Have you noticed how the everyday man we pass on the street is now making the most of himself?  With so much on offer on the shelves of Boots, and the media saying it is OK to moisturise and smell good, men are more aware of the ever growing range of grooming products available and, are more open about using them.
This is, not as we might think, influenced by the modern 'metrosexual' man but by money and status in the work place. In a survery by L'Oreal, 47% of men said thier well-managed appearence helped them climb the business ladder. Men have recognised that looking and feeling well groomed will have a postitive impact on how they feel about themselves and how they perform in other areas of their life.

Admittingly there is nothing more appealing than a man who knows how to take care of himself. I'm not only talking about being well groomed but rather of everyday well being and house keeping. I say this because a boy-friend of mine recently stayed for a few nights in my house, a house which i share with 2 girls so is, generally, a pretty clean one. After a long day at work I came home from work to find he had not only tidied my room, and made my bed, but also hoovered the house. Yes, i nearly fell over in shock too!!

I will always like men for being just that - a man, and being far less vain than any girl i know. Because however good these well groomed men may be looking, it is unacceptable for a man to spend the same amount of time as me in front of a mirror. That is why the R-patz and Johnny depp hobo style will always win me over, prefereing the rugged over the pampered - and their smelly unwashed ways haven't affected their world famous careers.
And in the end if you can make me cry with laughter, even if your slightly un-kept and don't moisturise every night, then your better groomed than any product Boots can offer.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spot the difference..

"New Yorkers are better groomed, but Londoners make up for their chipped nail varnish and un-whitened teeth with very cool clothes."

Crossed the line?

If you know anything of fashion this season then you'll know were are facing an of simplicity. The age of extremes are over.
This maybe explains my ever occurring yawn over lady Gaga.
She will never fail to surprise, and the Hause of Gaga (the term used to describe her behind the scenes creative team) is one that will constantly intrigue and captivate the entire world.
But has she taken it a step too far this time?
I think so.

I couldn't agree more...

Reading Russell Brand's Booky Wook 2 is probably the best decision you could make.
The book is written exactly as he speaks, demonstrating the power of the English language at it's best,
which is the exact reason that makes it so worth while reading. It's different - refreshing if anything!
Following the know sober but still scandalous brand as he embarks on his ever-growing ego and fame, it is full of Russell's logic and theory to life thrown in with charming wit.
You might think brand talks a load of nonsense the majority of the time but his book is full of his interesting outlook on life.....
"Do we humans properly understand the notion of the future? It doesn't seem we do. i'll agree to almost anything as long as it's way-off yonder - secretly believing the allotted time will never actually arrive."
An exciting read that will be put a huge smile on your face no matter how awful your day as been.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


You would think coming to london would have inspired me, this is the city people come to to 'make it happen', right?
However what has happened in the past few weeks has been the complete opposite.The vicious rat race has caught up with me and i have been affected by 21st century information overload.

   newspapers,magazines, radio, twitter, facebook, youtube.
We want to know everything and we want to know it now.
 Is it just me that finds it especially difficult to filter what is actually important and relevant?
All this has resulted in me losing focus on why i'm here, in this amazing city with this incredible internship and opportunities.
So when feeling incredibly lost and overwhelmed it's important  to focus on putting on step in front of another. For me this mainly involves getting through my incredibly long working days - which as a uni student i am not at all familiar with!
My lack of creatvity (and blogging) has been due to getting caught up in the mundane everyday tasks that need to be done, in order to get from one day to the next.
I refuse to put any out of reach goals on my to do list for the day, for the one fact i have no idea what these goals are or where the hell i'm heading.

-washing up
-buy milk
-style a photoshoot in central london
-save up for mulberry Alexa

To get to where you want to be the little footsteps are vital - whether you know where your heading or not.

Just a little bit in love...

With this man....

I bumped into him last week in Covent Gardens last week. And yes, he was exactly as he is known, like an annoying little kid that you can't help but love!