Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I couldn't agree more...

Reading Russell Brand's Booky Wook 2 is probably the best decision you could make.
The book is written exactly as he speaks, demonstrating the power of the English language at it's best,
which is the exact reason that makes it so worth while reading. It's different - refreshing if anything!
Following the know sober but still scandalous brand as he embarks on his ever-growing ego and fame, it is full of Russell's logic and theory to life thrown in with charming wit.
You might think brand talks a load of nonsense the majority of the time but his book is full of his interesting outlook on life.....
"Do we humans properly understand the notion of the future? It doesn't seem we do. i'll agree to almost anything as long as it's way-off yonder - secretly believing the allotted time will never actually arrive."
An exciting read that will be put a huge smile on your face no matter how awful your day as been.

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