Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Here i have editied the text on the logo. I much prefere the 'Timeless Desings' to be on the same line. I have also made the word ' Timeless' Bold and Italic font. I think this looks more like one whole logo in comparrison to before on two seperate lines and also making the main word of the name more noticable and rememberable.

creative brief contined

This is an image i scanned in from a graphic book. Orginally (as seen in the post before hand) the image also had a bag that the silhouette was carrying. I erased this on photoshop as i didn't think it was relevant for the brief and couldn't copy exactly the silhouette i had scanned in.
As the original scanned in image was small i opened it on Adobe Illustrator, as this is a program which uses vectors, allowing me to stretch the image without loosing any quality in the image. On Adobe Illustrator i then placed my text below the image.
The image is a dull grey colour and therefore when i wrote the text underneath the text looked a bright black rather than the same as the silhouette. I used the eye dropper tool on the image and matched the colour up to use with the text. I then used the same font Times New Roman. Although i feel underneath the image this font looks quite boring.
I will try a range of other fonts.

This logo will be places along the left hand side of a portrait page with the creative brief along the right hand side.
I also have the idea of changing the colour of the graphic silhouette accrodng to the clients company logo.

creative brief

My second project is to desgin and layout a blank brief template using Adobe Indesign. My creative brief is to be set out for my imaginary creative agency. I am going to create a corporate identity such as the name and logo of the creative agency. Iwill add all the components to the brief such as structure, layout and design.
To begin with i researched in various books on graphics, logos and typographys to get some inspitation about different fonts and logos and layouts of pages.

I then began to think up a name for my company. i wanted it to be a sticky name and catchy. i didnt want to use my own name though. i looked through many books of companys and how they use graphics to promote themselves and tried to get inspiration for my own company's name. Thinking about design and something that lasts i came up with 'Timeless Design creative agency'.
Ilike this name as i feel it it quite classic and catchy and not too personal to me or my own name.

I then began to create my own logo. i found a book on graphics and it talked about how circles are a popular shape for a logo as they are pleasing and soft on the eye. i decided to incoropate this. i also got inspiration from a book i researched in (above) and i like the mis matched text size and decided to try this out.
I wrote each letter seperatly to differ the size of each one but kept the word design once straight word. i decided to simply use times new roman font as this is a classic font for the word 'timeless'
I placed the name in a circle in the centre of the page with a line also running down the centre of the page and the creative briefs headings would be on each side.
The only problem with this logo and layout is that the logo of the creative agencry dominates the majority of the page which i do not think is as important as getting the message across in the brief to the client.