Wednesday, 14 January 2009

creative brief contined

This is an image i scanned in from a graphic book. Orginally (as seen in the post before hand) the image also had a bag that the silhouette was carrying. I erased this on photoshop as i didn't think it was relevant for the brief and couldn't copy exactly the silhouette i had scanned in.
As the original scanned in image was small i opened it on Adobe Illustrator, as this is a program which uses vectors, allowing me to stretch the image without loosing any quality in the image. On Adobe Illustrator i then placed my text below the image.
The image is a dull grey colour and therefore when i wrote the text underneath the text looked a bright black rather than the same as the silhouette. I used the eye dropper tool on the image and matched the colour up to use with the text. I then used the same font Times New Roman. Although i feel underneath the image this font looks quite boring.
I will try a range of other fonts.

This logo will be places along the left hand side of a portrait page with the creative brief along the right hand side.
I also have the idea of changing the colour of the graphic silhouette accrodng to the clients company logo.

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