Friday, 30 October 2009


Neo-expressionism is based on expressionism and developed in the 1980's.
A trend for Autumn/Winter 09 is 80's,a trend i really like because of its neon colours and exaggeration. And in honour of Marc Jacobs A/W 09 collection (which was my favourite) who recreated the 1980's artsy New York scene, i will choose my artist from this era.
Julian Schnabel

David Salle


Expressionism is an art movement i had always heard of but never known of. So for my next project; to design a perfume packaging in the style of an artist for a perfume endorsed by a celebrity, i will research expressionist artists.
Wassily Kandinsky was a musician and displayed this in his work. he used the concept that colour and musical harmony link. i like his bright bold colours and the abstract objects put together on his images, that contrast but equally fit together well.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Style Hunter!!!

I am an official Style hunter!!!
A dream of mine. To scout the streets with my camera for the latest trends...i don't think a job could be more enjoyable.
The company is iamishop.

Be the first to join them.
You will get the chance to create your own profile and become a style icon and receive discounts on all your favourite brands!
iamishop are pretty much a fashion based my words heaven! Were you get the chance to inspire and be inspired.
I am so so excited by this opportunity.
I have also been invited to style scout and photograph at Yorkshire Student Awards to photograph.

not updated enough

I am beginning to kick myself for the fact i do not update my own blog but read so many others. I am huge blog follower and must improve my own . Practise makes perfect. I will think of this space no longer as work or effort but fun.