Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Presenting the 'here and now'

As a notorious over thinker i spend too much time worrying about the past or dreaming of the future, and not enough time living in the present. I resent that drunken comment which i made last Saturday night, and worry about what to wear this Friday night. Knowing full well i will find the perfect outfit and the drunken comment has been long forgotten, along with the number of tequila slammers i lined up that night.
In order to get the most out of life we are told to 'seize the day'. So why do so many of us have trouble living in the now? We are constantly distracted by mental thoughts of being somewhere else, whether that's tucked up in bed, out with friends or on holiday. We are dreaming of the perfect place and how happy we will be when we get there. Whereas in reality, happiness is achieved by putting 100% focus on our immediate needs.
I am about to step into my first ever long distance relationship this is my ultimate test of living in the here and now. Weekends together will be short and far between. So this is my vow to make every minute we spend together count. I will not dream of perfect weekends spent picnicing because it will only end up raining or get angry that my train was delayed and we missed drinks with friends.
I will remember there is no better time than the present, and if not i always have my summer holiday to look forward too.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What do you See...

"Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single girls shoes that's why we need really special ones to make the walk more fun."

I'm in the shirt...and love it!

I seem to be growing quite a collection of shirts in an array of colours and i don't intend to stop any time soon.
The thing with a shirt is, no matter what the occasion, how your feeling or what the weather, it will make you look and feel great, and your instantly ready to take on any task.
Shirts are the easiest way to do the silk/sheer texture trend, and adding a lace bralette underneath layering becomes easy peasy. The only thing i want to know is how to keep the creases away!
A shirt will be my go-to item for the summer. Brights for colour blocking, buttoned up for preppy and floral and billowing for 70's.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

moving forward or going back

When someone comes back into your life, uunexpected and completely out of the blue - do you take it for what it is, complete coincidence and get back on with each other's separate lives or is this fate at work? Could this be a sign to start a fresh with them or to close that door and lock it behind you?
According to Sex and the City's Samantha men are there for women to enjoy them and set them free - a theory me and my best friend swear by for boys who generally don't stick around and run an mile when you mention swapping numbers.
But what if i have had enough of this theory. For once i would like someone to stick around for a little bit longer - at least for bacon butties the next day.
Now after four distant years all the un-answered questions have been answered and i am left wondering whether to walk away for the second time or admit to my curiosity.