Friday, 30 July 2010

More than just friends

An article in August issue of Elle looks at how you can benefit from having an array and variety of friends.
Friends that can make you richer, thinner and more successful.
It refers to the new book Connected by social scientist Nicholas Christakas and James Fowler. Which looks at how we adapt to our social groups. We will have various friends whom we share our different traits with and who bring out different aspects of our personality, for example, friends who you exercises with, those who share fashion or music interests, friends who think your the funny or those that come to you for advice.
Their book puts forward the idea that who we are is largely based on those around you. At the moment i only need to look as far as mine and Chloe's (my best friend) wardrobe to see the truth in this. A year ago neither of us would be caught dead, or more likely alive, in each other outfits. However a year living under the same roof has meant our wardrobes have integrated and i now find myself buying a top which i can wear with her pants and vice verse.
I like the idea that our social networks alter our everyday norms, beliefs and behaviours.
If this friend potential really is true i am on the search for those high flyers, pin up models and fitness fanatics to improve my life.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

My own key

I did it.
The day after my birthday i got my very own key tattoo.
And I absolutely adore it, it's been specially designed and altered by my tattoo artist - Martin of Preston ink- to suit me.
I'd be lying if i said it didn't hurt like hell, but more than worth it in my opinion <3

A new woman

The lack of posts have been due to me being a busy bee and enjoying celebrating turning the big 2 0 !
The thought of never being a teen again is really strange. I would say this means i have to grow up, but all the best people i know still act like kids so i don't think growing up is particularly necessary.

I took my bestest friend in the whole wide world to a spa for a night. We spent 2 days doing absolutely NOTHING.
Don't you think doing nothing makes you even more tired?!
We spent our days in all sorts of pamper rooms; Rock Sauna, Bio Sauna, Steam room, and Aromatherapy room. The spa break was completed by a neck, shoulder and back massage which made me feel completely revitalised, chilled out and like a new woman! I couldn't think of a better way to turn 20.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

What you looking at?

Today i wore my new in your face DRESS ME UP t-shirt. People were staring (fashion hasn't quite had it's full impact in Preston) and i could be called an attention seeking fashionista. But to be perfectly honest the clothes i wear have nothing to do with attention seeking.

I want people to look at the clothes not me.

In a very simple poetic way i am different characters in my own play, everyday is dressing up as new character. But life isn't as fairytale as we'd all like. I believe for real people, in real life clothes portray how you are feeling. If you are feeling confident, you dress sexy in bold colours and show a little flesh whereas wearing something slightly loose fitting in black is a shield that you can hide behind.
Gok's (my fairy fashion mother) fashion fix and How to look good naked programmes are the perfect example of this. Gok raises peoples confidence makes them feel great and takes them on a journey which at the end is without a doubt beautiful and colourful hence portraying their confident bright mood.
Each outfit i have makes me feel different and suits all my various moods;
Sexy, cheeky, bang on trend, masculine, feminine, warm, cold, bright, grumpy.

It's not that I'm hiding behind the clothes, I'd just prefer people to focus on the clothes rather than me.

ooo you chunky monkey

This post was inspired by meg!.
In winter (or fall to you- i love that) I'm definitely planning on styling my huugge new t-shirt with this chunky knit scarf i nabbed in the sales. It's sooo cosey. Hope you like?

Help yourself

My bestest friend in the whole wide world Miss Chloe Wilbur aka Mable aka my wife is coming to stay with me for a few nights for birthday celebrations...eeeek the big 2 0! So i made us some yummy chocolate cupcakes.
There also on here as a huuggggeee Thank you to all you beautiful followers. Your comments make my days :) so I want you all to help yourself...

Friday, 23 July 2010

We all want to be famous

Without a doubt Topshop will always manage to steal all the money out of my bank account.
It is the one place i can go and know i will not be let down, there is always something i can find to pad out my wardrobe a wee bit more.
The latest purchase is this cheeky black t-shirt.
Just a plain old black t-shirt/dress right?


I live for quirky, slightly in your face  pieces of clothing and accessories. Items that make people look and smile. This t-shirt is exactly that. It over sized, slightly 'boyfriendy' and perfect for those 'wobbly bits' days. It's from Topshop boutique at £25 (£22.50 with student discount, kerr-ching) absolute steal!
I'm styling it with black (above ) or grey (below) knee high socks for the slight summer days we've got going on at the moment. But in winter I'm going to keep warm with woolly knit black or grey tights.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Alex Monroe; a treasure maker

Alex Monroe is a British jewellery designer who i have only just come across.
The jewellery is beautifully whimsical and intricate. Check it out at
Alex Monroe is inspired by nature which gives the jewellery an English heritage. Pieces are cute and feminine if slightly pricey but definitely something wearable and to treasure forever.
Not only a talented jewellery maker but a do gooder, Alex Monroe is currently taking part in the Eye Cycle, the 1000 mile Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride. Raising in money for 'Fight for Sight'. Make a bid for Monroe's gold pendants specially designed for Fight for Sight. follow their progross at

Dear Mr Right
When we finally meet, if in any doubt how to confess your love to me, take your pick of these rings.
Much love
Emily xx

Choose your favourite letter.

My current canvas bag is definatly had its day and time to retire with a few holes in. RIP.
on the other hand this means picking a new one. this would be fun, except for the fact i am the most indecisive person.
This website alaphabet bags sells quirky canvas bags with letters ad phrases on....
I am undecided between 3...E for Emily, YES and HOLD ME. Currently i am swayed to the HOLD ME. It makes me smile and is a bit cheeky.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We go hand in hand

It has been a rubbish rainy day, but i managed to capture this gorgeous sunset from my bedroom window. It matches my colour popping jeans i wore today to brighten my mood. I'm tired today and as you can see, look unforgivably rough.

Oops i did it again...

I think they kind of look like slippers, but that's fine by me as they are as comfy as them.
i never see myself as a shoe lover, however this is clearly changing. Judging by the size of my shoes label in my tags cloud i am quite a fan of them. Just as well for the time being until someone buys me my Mulberry Alexa. hint hint cough cough. I have always wanted some colourful shoes, and when i spotted these in River Island sale i met my perfect match. Simple lilac shoes with a full black outfit will make the ultimate impact. And the studs make them not so twee, which makes them so Emily (me).


Seriously, I am on fire in this summer's sales.  My last Next...yes Next yet again sale purchase. I think i've made that promise a few times now ...hmm...
These brogues are a perfect camel/sand colour for this Autumn Winter. Real leather and at a bargain of £20, how was i going to resist.
What i am surprised about and what made me buy them was how vintage they look. With a wooden heel and slightly battered, darker leather on the toe i could easily pass these off for and Oxfam vintage purchase.
I'm pairing them with some socks, also Next sale (shockingly enough) for the ultimate preppy school girl look and to keep my tootsies warm.'s a secret

Want a secret place to go to?
Maybe not to get away from people but to go somewhere you've never been before.
Register with Secret Cinema, where monthly cinema screenings are put on in random locations across the country. Locations vary from derelict theatres, city farms, parks and roof tops.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A letter to Company

In Company's August issue there is a report on infidelity. As a subject that has and still does play a huge part in mine and many other girls and boys lives, i wanted to write to i can win a camera for the star letter!
Please comment, i want to hear all your views on fidelity and relationships. Single and having fun or taken and madly in love, who can you trust nowadays?

Dear Company magazine,
Thank you for fidelity is so last season. Infidelity is a huge issue for young woman. When i found out my now ex boyfriend had been texting, sexting and sending flirty facebook messages to an array of other girls, i was so hurt. In search of revenge and hazed by alcohol i cheated on him with a one night stand. It didn't make me feel any better, i was just as bad as him.
No one can say they will never cheat but i believe you shouldn't be with someone if you are tempted to cheat. The report gave me an insight into open relationships but i still i couldn’t come to terms with sharing my man. I have lost some faith in boys but i haven't given up on true love forever.
Just as the report says being young does mean leaving someone isn't a life changing decision which is why so much infidelity happens in young relationships. There is just too many fish in the sea.

Lets play out in the rain

OK, my final sale purchase....i promise-ish.
I do not know what is going on with some shops this year, these wellies are from Next and came in store along with the summer season clothes. Excuse me what!? Yes, they are perfect for those festival go-ers, but i don't think even the festival junkies would buy these clumpy wellies with their ripped denim shorts, sunglasses and straw trilby, and lucky for them we've had a pretty sunshine filled English summer.
So typically these wellies went straight in the sale....HALLELUJAH!! From £25 to £10, cheers Next.
Yes they are studs and studs were very much around last winter, but i don't care, they are perfect in my eyes. Teamed with a pretty floral number they give that boy/girl twist i crave so much.

Friday, 16 July 2010

'Get the London look'

According to August Vogue the seasons of dramatic make-up are over. Yes that is a small cheer you hear from me. Piling on eyeshadow with eyeliner is definatly not my fortey and i come out looking like the man side of drag queen. So i am extremly over the moon to hear the barely there approach is back.
Everwhere you lookit is clear this autumn / winter is about restraint and minimalism, and i cannot get enough.
With its neutral pallete this is definatly the designers way of drawing all attention to the clothes. I love the less is more statement.

I am not so talented on the make-up techniques so i decided to try this more refined image for myself and put its simplicity to the test. Vogue explained it is all about depth in the eye socket, velvety skin and most importantly strong, sculpted cheekbones. This sounded easy enough....
and it was. I kept my base clean with foundation, and applied bronzer on my cheekbones. I also applied a light powder above this bronzer, to emphasize my cheekbones more so, a little trick i learned from some teenage magazine that has stuck with me.
I used a light beige eyeshadow all over my eyelid, then swept around a dark brown from the outside corner in. To finish i used a black eyeliner pencil close to my eyelashes from the ouside corner in.
My view on this barely there make-up look....huge thumbs up. It empahasised my best features and made my blue eyes come out to play. It was easy to do and lasted all day with only a little re-applying eyeliner. Definatly my 'London look' as Kate Moss or Sophie Ellis Bexter would say.

london townhouse

Me and two friends officially have our very own house in London!!!


Thursday, 15 July 2010

The cold is coming

But not so soon that i can't whip my short yet bronzed legs out and give them a run for their money.
I am in absolute love with my new jumper. Oh and did i mention it is another, yes another, bargain SALE find.
It has to be said FCUK do have one of the best sales, both summer and winter. This jumper i was convinced was not in the sale. At £37 i have met my true love for the winter.
I am tucking it into my high waisted H&M shorts which are luxury to wear and baring my legs.
 Paired with my nine west boots, which guess what, surprise surprise were a sale buy 2 years ago from Selfridges & co along with some preppy cream socks i am all set for the breezy autumn days. 

Why does this always happen

I'm perfectly happy when I'm away at university, however this all changes when i come home and am reminded of my past. Everywhere i go and everything i do seems to remind me of things I'd rather forget.
Every time i come home, i generally have too much time on my hands and spend nights feeling lonely. I'm not ashamed to say that because I'm not unhappy, my own company is sometimes my best, but a simple hug and kiss goodnight wouldn't go a miss.
I become nostalgic for relationships in the past that haven't worked out and I forget about all the crap that came with them. I crave that one person to adore me, but doesn't everyone want that, just like the last Malteaser in a packet.
People feel lonely on their own but sometimes even more lonely in a crowded room. I've never felt more alone than when i was in my last relationship so i remind myself there is a reason why them people in my past are not in my future, and anyway, being single means i don't have to share with anyone...

......Now give me that last Malteaser.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

August in Elle & Vogue land

Both Elle and Vogue August cover stars Lily Allen and Freja Beha Erichsen are styled in Miu Miu A/W 10. This must have been unintentional from the rival magazines of course, but it just shows how beautiful the collection is and i absolutely adore this dress, almost as much as i do Freja. Although i love the bright popping colours of Vogue i have a soft spot for lilac this coming season, and am defiantly on the hunt to invest in some lilac lace, just like Lily's, but much much cheaper.
I've been sporting the wavy crop for a good year now and it's by far my favourite hairstyle i've had, being most manageable yet stylish. So I love that the ever so effortless wavy crop is back in. I'm definitely on a mission to grow mine to a mid Lily/Freja length, but i always give up half way there.

My homework

I've just bought the brand new Elle collections for Autumn/Winter 2010/11. With a variety of different paper textures, it's almost like an arts and crafts scrapbook, and you feel like you really are behind the scenes at all the shows and Elle magazine. And WOW what a cover...

I figured i best build up my knowledge on designers for when my placement at my-wardrobe. And seen as I'm going to be on a tight budget i want to buy only the best of this seasons trends.

Bring it back Russell

Russell Brand has shaved off his beard! Why o why would you do this?

Although I quite like a clean cut man on the odd occasion, us woman have enough soft skin on our own faces, you men should stick to your rugged facial hair. So at least grow the stubble back Brand.

Guilty Pleasure

I love that clean cut minimalism look. A piece of clothing that just transforms your outfit and mood in seconds. I am slowly starting to acquire a wardrobe of these classic pieces, building up my own Gok interchangeable wardrobe.
This jacket it my new found autumn love.  I have had my eye on it since it first came into Topshop about 2 months ago. The colour is so crisp and i can not get enough of the slightly masculine details, but at £65 i couldn't find a good enough reason, not that just wanting it wasn't a valid reason. With London and placement coming i now have a reason to shop shop shop. When i went in search of the jacket, it was the last size 8 in the sale. At £20, it was a bargain and of course, complete fate!
P.S check out MJ in the background! He really is my guilty pleasure. RIP