Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Glorious England

Promises are easy to break....too easy sometimes.
When i promised to not buy any more stripes. I lied.

Today i am celebrating. My official moving day to London is 3 days time!

I HAVE DREAM...... to one day move abroad and set up base in a foreign country, which one, i haven't quite thought that far.
For those who are happy staying where they are, if that works for you then stay and keep cosy. But i have got the travel bug built in me . I love travelling and want to experience the whole hog of different lifestyles and cultures. What is scary is how different other cultures are to the English way of life, i know it is possible to adapt, but am i too set in my British ways to change?
The language barrier isn't easy to knock down either. For me life is confusing enough without a couple of hundred other languages to pick up on the way around. Languages certainly make life a little trickier and a world with just one language would be much simpler. But who wants simple and easy? Challenges make the tedious things exciting.
Moving to London is a huge step to take, this growing up business is getting pretty serious. So for now i am not ready to give up everything i have in glorious day though.....I promise!


Helen said...

That jumper is so cute!

I too have the travelling bug. I'm currently wrestling with whether to just go away for a year or not. I think about it every day so I figure I must really want to do it...

Vitori Thinks said...

I love those stripes! =) Anyway, my friends are really moving out of the country and I am still waiting for the right timing... I think that is the most crucial... and I always wanna make sure that everything's stable before I move out of my comfort zone... =)

devilishlypleasurable said...

good luck with your move to london!

i moved to cambridge from singapore last year. . and it was a big step but worth it. .

beautiful jumper by the way :)

Meg! said...

Love your sweater!

Yup, I feel the same. Just moved out of my small hometown, FINALLY, but it's not enough! I want to live in England one day, and Germany, and maybe Italy, and wherever else I can think of.