Friday, 6 August 2010

The best is in black

It was my birthday. A happy exciting day that we were celebrating, so we both wore black. How daring are we! It wasn't done intentionally, and we are not morbid, it's just black suits every occasion and without a doubt makes you feel glam. Chloe (the blondie) dressed up her exaggerated shoulder dress with a long beaded necklace, which i can not wait to steal. This outfit is so simple yet so chic. She looks gooooooood. I paired my winter black lace dress with my clogs. A risky option, as they are two opposing seasons. However i think i successfully made my winter dress a summer dress, i hope?

It would turn out that i am not as comfortable in front of the camera as i am behind it. It is not that i am bossy but purely because i can see the end product as it happens. When i take a picture i am in control of what is in that frame. Being in front of the camera highlights my lack of confidence and when there is someone else taking the photo (even though it is my best friend) I have a little man sat on my shoulder shouting "YOU LOOK SILLY!" Even though i know my best friend has less judgement of me than when it is just me and my tripod.

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