Sunday, 29 August 2010

Our Dream World

This season is all about realism. We are forced to face the harsh reality of wearable clothes, so make room for the ‘normal clothes’. After the glitz and glamour of the celeb filled noughties it’s time for something more genuine and real. Wait a minute, stop yawning. This is good news, it means the gap between a fashionable dream world and drab reality is no longer as wide as it was. Now everyday life is our fashion filled dream.

I have bought my first pair of practical shoes. They are uber geek chic and unsurprisingly androgynous. Meet my city smart shoes- suited for trawling the city and smart enough for work.

Shoes; £62 - Office


Meg! said...

These are perfect -- where did you get them? I love your style of writing; very editorial. I like this post.

Glorias things said...

these shoes are really perfect I really love you clothes. I follow you :)