Friday, 6 August 2010

Bedtime read

I have just starting reading Lauren Conrads book, L.A candy. I am not sure this is a good idea.
I am no hardcore follower of The Hills but i have to admit i am a fan! Once you watch you can not help get sucked into the drama and designer clothes!
I have had this book for over a year and it still has never invited me to read.
The book is about about a girl who moves to LA, gets sucked into the partying life and followed around by a TV show. Sound familiar?
I have been put off reading because surely it is just an autobiography. So why change the names to Jane and Scarlett?!
The hills is all about juicy 'real life' gossip, so just be straight to the point!

I'll keep you updated on whether is is a page turner...

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Ruju said...

That was my first reaction to the book when I first started reading it. But you will soon realise/get sucked into the book as you do with The Hills. Regardless of her non-imaginative novel writing skills, I adore L.C xxxxxx