Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bad guy gone good

According to Company’s September issue nice guys are back, and if Mr Russell Brand can go good, so can I. I’m changing my ways and if i am to become a true geek i need a partner in crime.

Me and my best friend have a saying ‘Fit but shit’. Referring to the brash testosterone fuelled guy who can flirt his way into our lives and pants. But this unpredictable so-called mysterious guy can only last so long until it all becomes tedious and mind numbing. It seems the charm of the bad boy is starting to wear off. Yes i still want the fun, risk taker but also the conservative for the serious times, who isn’t ashamed to show he is capable of caring.
Fashion has gone through a dramatic change and just as the way we shop is changing maybe we should change the way we search for a man. Stop indulging in the £5 Primark dress, save up for the £25 Topshop version – which will last you through all your winter dates, not just the one night stand.
The bad goes as quick as it came, so if i try the good, maybe it’ll last a little longer. I am going to shop for my new man the way i am shopping for my winter wardrobe; finding the one to last. This won’t stop me having risky inappropriate flings along the way because in reality what do you learn from not taking risks.

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