Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rock with you, all night!

In honour of big brother housemate shabby and the mighty MJ i am testing the masculine hat.
A hat is a protective blanket away from the world when you having a hideous hair day, and this one from H&M is perfect for that. It also adds an edge to an everyday t-shirt, jeans and loafer look.
I was originally on search for a bowler hat, but this one hits all the right spots. And the fact that it looks more like i stole if from my grandads wardrobe is an added bonus.
Next trend to try... hat and geek glasses. Maybe a step too far?


Anonymous said...

looking gorgeous dauling:)

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Glorias things said...

me encanta el sombrero, precioso!

Anonymous said...

Love your hat xx

SOFIA said...

looking gorgeous dauling!!!))

Prad Savania said...

Wow, love the hat! Reminds me of Shabby from big brother in a good way! x

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