Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Overdose me.


Currently doing a short intern at Entice Communiction PR firm, which specialise in Health, Beauty and Fitness - ever heard of the Power plate or the latest celeb craze, power balance bands? -I'm working on a whole new scope of the PR industry, and seen as it's my first time actually working in the industry, is really exciting. In fact anything new is exciting to me.
However the only down side is i am missing fashion!!
The only daily fix is raiding my housemates wardrobes, and the London Evening Standard's fashion section on my journey home.
So we are hitting Vogue's fashion night out tonight. We have our best brogues on to hit every corner of The fashion Triangle - Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street.

This should be enough to indulge in my over needed fashion fix


Casee Marie said...

Ohhh, have fun! I'm so jealous, haha.


Erm I just a a little bit jealous about that too! September seems like a good time to intern! x