Tuesday, 31 March 2009

To continue my ideas, i decided to do research on business cards. We looked at already designed business cards by passed students and discussed what we thought was effective.
I saw various shapes of business cards, however i learnt from hearing other people views aswell as my own that a business card which is, for example in the shape of a square or a circle are not as useful as normal credit card sized ones. Altough they are unusal which can catch the viewers attention they are not as usefull, this is because they can be awkard to keep in a wallet or purse and therefore could easily be lost or forgotton about. therefore i have decided i want to keep mine at a regular credit card size.
Some of the designs we looked at really interested me. One design had a full block colour on one side, i liked this as i saw it caught many peoples attention. i also like the quite plain, minimalistic designs, for example there was a clothing brand which had a pair of knickers on. the design was that the front was the front of the knickers and when you turned the business card over the back of the knickers was on the other side. Everyone liked this idea, because it was fun and quirky aswell as being relevant.

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