Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This is my third idea for a creative brief. Because my last one i felt was too 'girly' with the pink flower background and my previous one to plain, i wanted to create something different from these. I also felt my creative briefs were to wordy, and needed to be edited down more so and broken up, to encourage people to want to read it and gain ideas. Therefore i used an image on some black flowers illustrated in the background and cove rd them with a gradient going from red, pink to white, these are bright colours, enticing people to look at them. Because of the decorative background i moved the logo to that side as well so that it blends in slightly more and fills in the blank space in the bottom left hand corner. i then decided to break the text up into it's sub- headings, and alter each ones individual shape, so some are more rectangle and other square. i think this make it more exciting to look at and more readable in each section. It also doesn't look as much information.

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