Sunday, 20 June 2010

The key to my heart

I finally got around to making my own jewellery. Nothing beats something home made (homemade apple crumble is my favourite).
i found this key on a French flea market in Paris. I bought it all rusty for the bargain price of 1 Euro....David Dickinson eat your heart out.
The plan was to un-rust it and make it into a necklace, and for once my plan actually went, well, according to plan. I left the key in a cup of Coca-cola overnight and the thing un-rusted....a miracle!
I bought some grey string from my local (Preston, Lancashire) market and bing bang first piece of home made jewellery, which i am oh so proud of and in love with.

 I'd be lieing if i said every time some one asks me where its from I'm not glowing with pride and boast..." Oh this, i made it myself from an old key".

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