Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Crazies sent me crazy

Slightly far-fetched but if your easily scared, like 28 days later and are fascinated with zombies this film will keep you completly hooked and in suspense.
Being scared of spiders and the dark im not the bravest person but this film had me literally jumping out of my seat, i even spent a few scenes terrified hiding between my boyfriends arm and behind my scarf...a very safe place to be. A crazy scene set inside a car wash is pure genuis with zombies coming from every direction, who knew a car wash would be the perfect setting for a horror. I thank god for the sheriffs deputy Russell, played by British actor Joe Anderson who is trigger happy and brings some light hearted banter, and Timothy Olyphant who plays the towns easy going Sheriff David Dutton, who i noticed gets more good looking with the more cuts and scratches on his face.
The entire film is completly picture perfect, the town sherriff is married to the town doctor and scenes are set on long american roads and in large white farm houses surrounded by fields. The film has a great soundtrack throughout, opening the with Vera Lynns classic world war 2 song, 'We'll Meet Again'.
The Crazies is based on paranoia, filled with genuily scary scenes which now i cant get out of my head scaring myself everytime i ask, "why do i do this to myself?"

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