Saturday, 13 March 2010

things are better simply put.

Thank God we no longer need to listen to dads, uncles or boyfriends ranting about their views on the general election. Monthly fashion and lifestyle magazines are now providing us with straight to the point no-sweat guides to find the party that works for you.
Many men moan about us women reading our gossip filled glossies , but there is three men that have not complained about the glossies but jumped on board of the celeb and fashion filled band waggon to target possibly the most influential group of voters. With these real-life features targeting readers averaging an age of 18-34 I hope they have recognized that us women have the power to swing the vote in the general election. It is fact that the huge number of female votes for Tony Blair gave victory to Labour in 1997.
The election, just like any football game, has to have a winner. As Gordan brown, the prime minister faces a strong challenge from contender David Cameron the national mood is tense as we wait for the general election. As of march 6th the polls stand at conservative party with 31.45% of the votes and Labour party following behind with 26.58% of the votes. Can 2010 be the year the political polls point to a conservative win.
If you haven’t decided who to vote for there is three main candidates, there’s Gordan brown; the man currently in charge, David Cameron the challenger and Nick Clegg the outsider. Both Glamour and Cosmopolitan grilled the 3 main candidates and simplified it for us readers. Some people could find it insulting that these magazine even consider the fact that its readers need or want this kind of information simplifying. Meanwhile I am not offended by these informative features, but utterly grateful.
The best way to tackle these no nonsense topics is to make it as clear as possible by focusing on subjects which are close to people’s hearts. These magazine approach subjects which are relevant to me and address subjects that its female readership are interested in, such as crime and safety on streets, taxation and welfare, graduate jobs and fighting global warming. The candidates are also grilled on issues which have personally affected readers. This is vital to force them to face up to reality with the victim in front of them, putting us in their vulnerable position, and putting pressure on them to answer the question in a direct way rather than just arguing in a room full of well suited men and women.
Thanks to monthly magazines we are no longer helpless but feel our vote is worthwhile. I am in the know on the election that could affect me as a young independent adult and now I have no excuse not to make my vote count.

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