Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I wish i was french

France, the country of delicious food, romance and style. I will one day live in this country and speak the language of love.
i am officially obsessed with Parisian stripes. They give me that European effortless chic style which i so much long for. However because I'm short (not hobbit style, just a bit on the wee side) this is probably breaking the style 'rules', but I'm going to continue to rebel because my stripes seem to match everything I have ever owned.
I bought a stripey top from Kiliwatch when i was in Paris. French vintage and stripes, I just couldn't resist. Although I have to admit I felt a bit cliche wearing stripes in France, almost like I should own a beret and have onions wrapped around my neck shouting "OUI, OUI MADAME".
The t-shirt above is a steal from my boyfriends wardrobe. It alarms me that it fits so well, but I am in no way complaining, this is the best top I have ever (not) bought.
I'm stepping out with my stripes and red pout. To most this isn't daring and you'll be muttering 'So what?', but to me it is style that screams 'look at me', the thought of which makes my knees wobble. But if the sun is finally coming i am going to test run this European style.

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