Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ive been seduced by Armarni

I'm beginning to miss my old photography lessons. Recently I've been doing alot of studying fashion advertisements, regarding styling shoots and how customers perceive a brand.
At first glance many of us don't really take into account what an image is trying to say to us, we purely make judgement based on our own ideas and then don't make a second thought about the image. It's only when you really disect the image bit by bit do u realise how purposeful it was made to be.
Take Armarni for example. The Armarni code perfume ad is one i have never taken a second glance at, it was only today when we looked at its separate elements i realised its power.

It has a limited palette, to blacks and midnight blues, colours which highlight power and strength (think of the suits worn in politics). The light directly hits her face and highlights her bright blue eyes, intentionally blue to draw u to the perfume bottle. The light hits her naked shoulder which immediately conjours up seductive sexual thoughts. As this fades into darkness u are led to the brand name. All the elements to tell the consumer this is a powerful fragrance for a strong woman.
From know on i will make the effort of taking at least a second or third glance at an image that captures my eye. Purely in respect to the photographer and creative minds for the pure efforts that were put into it to catch my eye in the first place.

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