Monday, 8 March 2010

Styling a shoot.

Last Saturday i had a styling course for a day in London (God, i love that city)
I'm not sure i want to go into styling, I'm a bit unsure about the idea of freelance work, as much as i love my non-routine lifestyle i don't think i could let my income depend on the uncertainty of having work.
The day is set up by Styleaware and is run by the founder of the company, Faye Marriott. Styleaware provides training in all the fashion industry areas from fashion styling and image consulting to PR, journalism and fashion buying.
The day cost me £150 but it was the best money Ive spent on fashion so far (excluding my mulberry bag of course) Faye Mariott has over 10 years experience and worked on shoots for Vogue(UK, China, Spain, USA, Japan), Marie Claire, Stella Magazine, The Saturday Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire. This was more than obvious in not only the invaluable advice she gave us but the person she was, she didn't was no time wasters and was straight to the point, which i really respect in people.

For the day i became a stylist and art director, i was so excited. I had a strong idea about the clothes i was using on the shoot and the mood and image i wanted to create. I aimed to create a strong fashion shot which focuses on the clothes. The theme was 'My fair lady' and i added a modern twist. I styled the shoot in neutral toned loose tailoring clothes, linking to the current trends of pastel colours.
I loved directing the shoot and watching my idea happen infront of me. It came together exactly how i intended it to. I used images from my favourite fashion photographer Lee Broomfield to show the model and photographer the look i wanted to create.

I learnt that day that no matter how strong your idea is, if you cant show someone your idea with images, they wont understand or be able to make it happen.


Style Bird said...

The styling course sounds awesome!

Panda said...

You have such a great blog, i swear.
Lovely pictures + i'm gonna follow you!
Panda xx