Monday, 6 April 2009

Another Magazine research

Another Magazine recognizes that fashion is constantly changing and surprising us, and they strive to be innovative, stand out and be noticed.
It is a culture-rich fashion magazine for both men and women, as well as offering his and hers separate versions.
It strives off the rise of the luxury market and continues to guide, inspire and inform readers with it's innovative, playful and dynamic edge.

The advertising in Another magazine is limited to less than 15% and is reflective of the most high end advertisers in the industry.
It is used by brand to premiere their entire campaigns of that season.

Another is a luxurious magazine with over 450 pages to define that particular fashion season, as it is only released Bi-annually.
Each issue presents the best fashion photography.
The magazine has an international set of sophisticated contributors to allow it to become a statement magazine.

The cost for a 4-page campaign showcase in Another S/S 09 issue is £45,217

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