Monday, 6 April 2009

ideas, inspiration and research

This is our mood board we created to display our ideas to show how we have thought about both the brand and the magazine.

As we are creating the campaign to re-launch in Another magazine we researched into past issues of the magazine. We found 6 page spreads in the last 2 editions for TIGI hair products, which have been shot using a lot of colour very stylistically. I likes this idea for our campaign.
We have decided we want to create a 4 page spread, incorporating Clinique's 3 step skin care system. So we want 3 focus products from the Bonus Time gift collection in separate pages and then a final page with all the gifts photographed together. On the spread we want to keep it simple yet effective.
We aim to use experimental photography as this is an edgy style press magazine and a highly stylized photography will fit in and interests the audience.

Looking at past Clinique adverts we prefer the adverts from the springtime. (left hand side of mood board) There look is fresher and more eye catching, which is how we want to re-style the campaign. There is an image we found of Clinique products in the grass (bottom left side of mood board) which we really like. It makes the viewer think of spring and look forward to the summer season.
I have also noticed the use of nature in adverts is popular for S/S 09 campaigns, such as Burberry ;

Our aim is we want our target customer to get excited about the coming season and buy something new for it from us.
This coming season we can see pastel colours are a big trend.
And as Clinique products are in pastel shades well feel this is a perfect opportunity to link our products with colour and create something new and interesting for Clinique.
As this is a valentines promotion we want to highlight the romance with a range of themed backgrounds. Rose petals and love hearts sweets are our first ideas. Using pale pink roses, as this links with out pastel and nature theme. We will test both of these ideas.

We really like the idea of frozen imagery used in previous Clinique campaigns. so in the test shots we want to experiment with this. We want the adverts to look fresh, so water will be used to get this effect.
Another idea we want to experiment is the use of the actual make-up products, for example pouring the powder around the products or using lipstick on the background. the idea of using lipstick smudged or writing on the background along with the products is quite romantic and signals love.

Regarding to the text in the ad. We want to completely strip all the text and the idea is to use one simple headline sentence for the first 3 pages, saving the bulk info e.g. Bonus time is on, when it is on and where etc... for the last page. These one line sentences will have a romantic theme, and initial ideas are 'give yourself a sweet treat' 'a gift from us'. Something regarding to the present buying theme for Valentines day.
With the ad being spread over a few pages we also have the idea of a story developing over the 4 pages, tieing in with the romantic themes, for example, 'he loves me, he loves me not', and on each page another petal is taken off a flower.

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