Monday, 6 April 2009

Final Ideas

In our final consultation meeting the Clinique clients really liked our ideas, but mainly we really excited by the colour splattering images. They thought they were exciting and new for Clinique and linked well to be used in Another Magazine. They thought they were still in keeping with Clinique's clean, simple and fresh image but also were exciting.
Together we discussed how the images would be spread across the various pages, and we came to the conclusion of only having a 3 page campaign instead of a 4 page one. This was because we feel the final page, which would feature all the products which are in the bonus time would be irrelevant for Another Magazine, as the magazine is innovative and different they would not want to preview something so obvious.
This also related even better with the 3 step system Clinique products are based upon. We therefore decided to shoot each page with just one product on.
The clients liked the colours we chose to use and presented the idea of using a different colour for each page.
We decided to use the three primary colours ; RED, YELLOW, this would be simple which is what Clinique want to display the 3 step skin car system as; simple.

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